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Basketball Wives new castmate Kesha Nichols wants you!  The southern belle, who is far more than just a dancer & pretty face, used her city smarts to found New York’s hottest dance entertainment company Sugar & Spice Productions!  CEO Kesha recently tweeted a flyer calling all you sassy, sexy, sophisticated dancers & singers to come audition for the Miami division of Sugar & Spice!

You better get in where you fit it, after all this may be your only way to be featured on “BBW”!  And if you had any doubt of Kesha’s dance skills, check out the below pics of her & Royce having fun during a recent beach day!

People ::cough unnamed cast members:: can say what they want to about dancers but thank goodness some of these ladies are drama free & can get along!  Check out Basketball Wives February 20th on VH1!

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We saw it all go down! Basketball Wives stars and former BFFs Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada’s friendship ended after Jen badmouthed Evelyn’s fiance Chad Ochocinco during a radio interview.  Since then the girls haven’t been able to keep each others names out of their mouths and it all came to an explosive head via Twitter after Jen latest interview with Sister2Sister Magazine.

“Let me tell you what she’s mad over ‘cause this always comes up. She hates the fact that I’m really good friends with NeNe [Leakes], and she hates the fact that me and Mashonda are good friends,” Jennifer explains, alluding to Evelyn’s jealousy over her new-found friendships.


“NeNe is such a good person. I don’t think you really find a lot of people in the same business that you bond with because I feel like everyone is so competitive and everybody is so worried about the next person doing more than them, and it’s not like that with her at all,” Jen adds.


“She’s always trying to encourage me. She’s just always trying to uplift me, and I need people like that around me. I love that about her. There’s no jealousy. There’s no competition. We try to complement each other,” Jennifer shares.


“I feel like it’s all coming from a place of hurt, and she’s turning it into anger,” Jen reveals of Evelyn’s feelings. “Why do you care who I’m friends with? Like, that’s ridiculous. I live in New York. You live in Miami. I don’t care who you hang out with. I’m kinda over it because I just feel like I’m at a point at my life where I’m trying to get rid of negative energy.”


“To me, I feel like it’s something so minuscule. It’s not like I slept with Chad [Ochocinco]. It’s not something irreparable. It’s something stupid that you’re mad over. If you really are mad because I have other friends, I think that’s completely ridiculous.”

Once Evelyn caught wind of this, she took to Twitter and did not mince words!

Safe to say this season of Basketball Wives is gearing up to be the best one yet! Make sure you watch February 20th on VH1!

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Basketball Wives LA star Imani Showalter has some big hoops and took to her Twitter page days ago to show off her recent weight loss and bikini body!

The mother of three tweeted bikini photos of her new slimmer body in a sexy leopard print Victoria’s Secret bathing suit! “Ok y’all this is the the winner for my St. Barths trip,” wrote Imani. Not sure who she was heading to St. Barths with but she is definitely on the prowl!

Can’t deny the thickness! Hopefully these pics & her island vacation will help Imani follow in Stella’s footsteps and get her groove back!

Notorious BIG said it best, mo money mo problems!  And thats exactly what Evelyn & Tami are finding out! is reporting that Evelyn Lozada is being sued for allegedly benefiting from hundreds of thousands of dollars…$560,00 to be exact…funneled to her illegally from ex-fiancé and NBA All-Star Antoine Walker.  Walker, who filed for bankruptcy last year, made $110 million from his NBA career… and that’s NOT counting the guap he pulled in from additional deals and endorsements.

Now Walker’s bankruptcy trustee is questioning Evelyn’s part in the whole situation because Antoine apparently gifted his ex-fiancé with $560,000 when he knew he was going broke. The trustee is claiming fraud regarding Walker’s money transfer to Evelyn, stating it was an attempt to conceal funds from his actual creditors. The trustee further accuses Evelyn of using that money to open her high end shoe store, Dulce, in Miami.

Evelyn is ofcourse denying the allegations and insisting that she knew nothing of Walker’s money troubles. She admits that Antoine gave her money to pay some bills, but she is adamant that Dulce was founded on proceeds from her engagement ring from Walker, not from the $560,000 that the trustee is trying to recover.

While it doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me that their relationship ended when the money dried out, sources close to Evelyn reveal she had no clue that her ex was in such financial trouble.

Tami Roman is also in a hairy situation! Once again TMZ reports Constance Corleone ,who owns an extension line called Bella Dream Hair, filed the suit claiming Tami’s rep contacted her last September and asked to try out Constance’s product.
According to the paperwork, Constance obliged and then was horrified to learn Tami had started her own extension line under the name, Curls By Roman.   Constance is suing for more than $500k.

And because Twitter is everyone’s favorite PR person, the whole situation lead to a series of THIRSTY TWEETS from Tami:

“Fraudulent people trying to take credit NOT.  People trying to take credit for this hair.  WTF they crazy.”

“Mad that I already mailed that S**T back2u cuz I got they address-would took it to Constance myself lying bitch.”

Hopefully they have been smart with their money because lawyers are expensive, good luck with this ladies!

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Everyone’s favorite BBW Evelyn Lozada celebrated her 36th birthday in Miami with a fun & gift-filled birthday bash!  The “Sexy Miami Burlesque” theme started at her NFL baller Chad Ocho Cinco’s home on Saturday and on Sunday the ladies had a birthday dinner at hotspot Prime 112 before hitting the club.

Ev celebrated with fellow BBW castmate Suzie Ketcham and her gorgeous daughter Shaniece, among others. The ladies all wore “In The Circle” t-shirts because they are truly Evelyn’s “REAL FRIENDS,” but noticeably absent was Ev’s former BFF Jennifer Williams and the rest of the BBW cast members…hmmmm

Luckily for those not invited, Evelyn made sure to tweet all day, leaving everyone jealous of her lavish gifts!

Dang girl…a Maserati, new Louboutins AND a Birkin! Guess those reality tv checks are better than we thought! Get it!

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In case you missed the live stream of the Basketball Wives promo shoot, the ladies were tweeting up a storm! Check out some of their behind the scene pics!


Gorgeous new cast member Kesha Nichols

Ev tweeted "I'm an angel"

Dance Buddies

No! That's not her man, its her favortie sound guy!

This was all we got from newbie Kenya

The ladies are looking HAWT!

Anyone who follows Draya on Twitter knows she all over the country making club appearances.  Last week she headed back to her hometown of Philly where she was shown tons of brotherly love! Promoters pulled out all the stops and had her arrive in style in a $350,000 phantom!  Draya is clearly working her Basketball Wives LA exposure to the max!

If you want to see Draya’s welcome home party, check out the video courtesy of Bossip!

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December 1 2011
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With a Kardashian divorce/annulment on the horizon for Kim and baby #2 for Kourtney and Scott, don’t forget about Khloe & Lamar!  E! just tweeted a behind the scenes pic of Khloe & Lamar on a set filming promos for the second season of their show!

I guess the Kardashian klan wont be going away anytime soon!

While Gloria Govan was handing out turkeys, her ex-fiance Matt Barnes dished out why he and Gloria split! Matt took to twitter to announce that their relationship had been over since May, they were only putting on a façade for the VH1 cameras, that his Eva Longoria “relationship” was not a factor AND that it was Gloria’s cheating with HIS friend that caused the split! (more…)